1968 Ford Mustang: Project Phoenasus

There came a point in my life where I looked at what I’ve done and everything I am doing and I realized that far too much of what I am doing is very dry, very serious, and most of it has life and death consequences.  It was time for me to get a hobby that had nothing to do with all that seriousness.  A getaway, a release, a fortress of solitude…well a 68 Mustang.

When my wife showed some interest in “Eleanor” from Nicolas Cage’s Gone in 60 seconds and I half joking, half seriously remarked that we could do that, she said sure(that kinda stunned me).  I explained that my lovely wife of an accountant It’d be a few hundred dollars for a starter car and we could do it little by little.  Well after I found out that everyone else watching that movie also thought they’d do that too, I some explaining to do.  That couple hundred dollar starter car was spelled with 5 figures…without an engine, interior or maybe even wheels.

After the budget was reworked we picked up a donor car and decided to build it from almost the ground up.  It wasn’t a fastback like in the movies, but it was real cheap and it did actually have an engine and transmission. (Not much of an interior to speak of)

So began the quest from a nearly worthless 68 mustang coupe with an inline six cylinder engine on a salvage title to the goal of an Eleanor mustang capable of the feats seen in the movies.